Who We Are

The process of determining the root cause and nature of diseases can be done through a well-known medical speciality called Pathology. By examining blood, fluids, or tissues, pathology assists the physicians lock, stock and barrel to diagnose the patients in a proper manner. At Hygeia, we offer pathology services to the patients who are suffering from medical problems.

Our state of the art laboratory makes use of cutting edge technology with online reporting to deliver hassle free results to the patients, right from the comfort of their home. Our laboratory staff scientifically analyses the specimens of samples including blood, fluids, or tissues under the supervision of experts.

Our laboratory staff operates 365 days a year (available 365 days without any weekends and public holidays) to deliver fast and accurate results that no one can match in this industry.

We don’t compromise with the health of any patients so avail our Pathology services without any hesitation.